June 25, 2009

Bonk's Bar book launch @ Manayunk Brewing Co. tonight

Today's Inquirer mentions the book launch at the Manayunk Brew Pub this evening from 5 till 9.

Daniel Putkowski details the story of a young man left to run the family bar (BONKS) in the Port Richmond area of Philly. I stopped into Bonks once because I heard they were revamping their beer list.
I couldn't get a seat at the bar, so I left. Perhaps I'll return.

From an Amazon.com review:

Tommy Bonk, college student and casual piano player, never wanted his old man's bar. He wanted an education, a high-paying career, and out of his lower-class Philadelphia neighborhood. And then his brother John, a sergeant in the Marine Corps, is killed in Iraq. His father goes on a two-week bender, leaving Tommy the one thing he never wanted, a chance to run the family bar. Seduced by the financial success of his early attempts, he plunges in head first, thinking that he can outsmart crooked cops, the Russian mob, a clever local girl, and his own ambition. Along the way, Tommy faces realities he previously denied. He earns a degree in the ways of the world ... where the grading scale includes life and death ... where some things are important and others simply aren't worth a damn. --Hawser Press

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  1. sooz, this guy some kinda wackjob teabagger type based on his blog. also, seems to favor panama jack or carhartt based on which of his two novels he's promoting at the time. sayin.