June 8, 2009

Did Everyone's Sunday look like this?

The elder sibling of Raging Panda at Swift Half eating the cheese plate after about 13 beers.

We had hung out on Lemon Hill for the majority of the day- as most of you know Lance is super into cycling....There was plenty of Iron Hill Vienna lager. A bit of Sly Fox cans. It was nice to see a few other groups throwing back the aluminum as well. There was one mojito consumed because I was told "Its tradition."

I had a four-year old break my sunglasses. I had an interesting conversation with a soon-to-be married graphic designer. I saw TONS of bikes. But I didn't see mine. I DID see my sister. And she was making merry and adding to the sunshine of the day.

I went home and raging panda wanted to- you guessed it- rage at the Piazza. Quest Love was spinning till 9. The Sundae party was going on. It was a sardine sidewalk. Lots of "see and be seen" folk. And the skateboarding brother of the panda.

I headed to Standard Tap afterwards- then a quick popover to 700 club. Where in my most infinite wisdom told a Johnny Brenda's bartender I would fix him up with the Panda.
Note: She doesn't know this yet...

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  1. you guys probably had a good spot to see the guy go over his handlebars coming down the hill in the opposite direction of the race course....heard he blew out a tire, flipped over the front of the bike and the barricade and almost land on a kid