June 15, 2009

Everybody loves Wegmans

I have heard much about Wegmans (Voted 5th best company to work for, Fortune 2009.) 70+ stores from Rochester to Virginia, west to Erie. It's like a mile long with a small yet important section selling our favorite fermentable.

On Saturday many of their Pa locations had a beer sampling from 11 till 3.
Completely complimentary and paired with Wegman's summer themed cuisine. Wegman's has "restaurants" that allows them to carry beer only. (think Vidalia in Lansdale, r.i.p.)

This wasn't just any beer tasting. This was probably one of the best events I have done in the last three years. They counted up 700 drinkers in Downingtown this past Saturday. That means i said "right up the road in Phoenixville" at least 500 times.

Wegman's had literature available for those that wanted to seek out the most of the experience.
They listed all the pairings and mentioned why they paired well.

At first I was surprised that they paired the 113 with chicken, feta, spinach sausage sandwiches...I was used to seeing the links linked up with vienna lagers, festbiers, weisse biers and pilsners. But it worked. The citric quality of the hops complimented the acidity in the bruchetta that topped each bite-sized sandwich.

My assistants at the sausage stand couldn't have been nicer. That's a picture of new bud, Terry.
Terry used to be a sheriff and gave up being a big man in blue to work for Wegmans.
Everyone that worked there was so darn happy and efficient.

A couple other pairings included:

*Allagash abbey dubbel paired with spicy tuna roll and california roll

*Victory v-12 paried with mojo pork tenderloin with black beans and wegmans salsa verde

*Stoudts american pale ale paired with a 2 year old grafton reserve cheddar on baguette

Afterwards I went shopping and spent $49 in 4.9 minutes. Find out what I cooked next time around.

Time for bed before I eat one more swedish fish.

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