June 1, 2009

Happy 180th Birthday to the Inquirer

Today, the Philadelphia Inquirer marks their 180th anni with a special edition.

The Inquirer actually has a special place in my heart, my beloved pop pop read it every day until he could read no more. He is actually resting with it eternally.

If you get a chance, you should pick up one today.
From Business Week:

"Monday's paper will include a replica of The Pennsylvania Inquirer from June 1, 1829. The name changed to The Philadelphia Inquirer a few months later.

Prominent on Page 1 are steamboat departure times that were major news before cars, interstate highways or major railroads existed. An 11-hour trip to New York was $4.

Today, a trip from Philadelphia to New York costs as much as $64 for a one hour, 17 minute trip on Amtrak's high-speed train or as little as $20 for a two-hour trip on a New Century Travel bus."

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