June 17, 2009

Lunch @ The London Grill

The London Grill has never carried Sly Fox. But after a nice meeting today with their new bar manager, I think we might be on the handpump soon. It's one of the only bars in the hood that doesn't do Sly. It'll be good to see that change.

While I was there I needed food. There were a lot of tempting treats on the menu but I went with the Lemongrass crusted sea scallops with carrot"noodles" in a coconut sauce ( i love coconut) and a gingerale. ($14)

Other enticements included:

*Grilled Octopus with strawberries, arugula and balsamic reduction
*Potato pizza with red bliss potatoes, fontina, parmesan, and truffle
*Steak Salad with spinach, fried oysters, crispy potatoes and blue cheese
*And a vegetable harvest melange that changes daily.

I was introduced to "Mandarin Napoleon." It's kind of like the Grand Marnier of Belgium but better. Not quite as sweet. It's ordered sol, so don't get excited and run to the state store.

I also notice they have a nice happy hour with cheap eats
$3 philly brewing btls
$3 wine
$3 snacks
like wings, mussels, duck spring rolls, and mini fish and chips.
guests can also get a "whimpy stack" -4 mini burgers $10

They have a lot of interesting spirits there.
They do some of their own infusions...and next up on their to do list is beer cocktails...

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