June 12, 2009

My avenue's going to be crazier than usual:Art+soulfood tomorrow

My neighborhood is crazy. My bedroom is right off Girard and it's noisy as hell. The trolley runs 23 hours a day. Every time it passes I swear there's an earthquake. Plus my car has gotten broken into 4 times and someone stole my bike last September--=all signs point to UHAUL. I'm moving a few blocks south at the end of the month. BUT just in time for me to still reside in my home sweet ghetto, is the art+soul food event.

From 6 till 9....26th and Girard to 29th and Girard will be filled with artisans and soul food chefs from the avenue.
They've got 10 bands on the lineup-=-= rangin from indie rock to gospel.

If anyone comes (and has my number) give me a call. I've got a sweet ass deck I need to put to use before the relocation...

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  1. u should come back to so. phil--it's the BEST!