June 8, 2009

My not-so-green thumb

Here's a bit of a beer break-=-

I wish I had before and after shots of my lily.
As mentioned a couple of weeks ago lance romance and I headed to greensgrow.
He was trying to best his planter from last year...and I think he may have done it...

I- however- just bought a lily (unbloomed) due to the fact that I would be moving in a few weeks (yes, again) and didn't want to have to move a greenhouse from deck to deck.
It kept falling off my table. And it was doomed.
I gave up on it.
Then -then- the same rain that kept me from riding my bike on Friday provided the necessary moisture for two flowers to bloom. That's them on the right...they're just lovely. But you can still see all the brown from its near death experience.

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