June 8, 2009

National Picnic Month @ Supper starring The Incredible Edible Deviled Egg

I'm hungry.
I'm thinking about eating one of the 3 ribs left in my fridge that the raging panda made this weekend, but since I ate like 9 yesterday...she might just want those last three.

I'm hungry so I'm going to write about food.

July is National Picnic Month....and Mitch Prensky of Supper is at 926 South St. is celebrating with a variety of deviled eggs throughout the month.

It kicks off on the 1st-= I'll be guest bartending.
All 12 egg halves will be available for $9.
or $12 if you want to sip on a can of Sly Fox.

Then throughout the month you can get 4 halves and a can for $6. They will switch up throughout the month.

Chef Prensky will have eggs for the crustacean craver, eggs for the carnivore, eggs for the breakfast lover, eggs for those wanting a li'l south of the border bite...

Sriracha Deviled Egg with pickled daikon, carrot and coriander;

Pistou Deviled Egg with ratatouille;

Horseradish Deviled Egg with steak and Roquefort;

Deep-Fried Scotch Deviled Egg with country sausage;

Wasabi Deviled Egg with uni and crispy nori;

Saffron Deviled Egg with salt cod and roasted garlic;

Black Truffle Deviled Egg;

Chevre Deviled Egg with Spring Asparagus;

Lobster Deviled Egg with dill crème fraiche;

“Bacon and Egg” with braised bacon and cheddar;

Smoked Chile Deviled Egg with corn-red onion salsa;

Vadouvan Spiced Deviled Egg with roasted cauliflower and mint.


In addition to the Sly Fox cans, SUPPER embraces different local craft beers all the time.

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