June 25, 2009

Potpie and Stolen Strawberries-=-=- My evening at Standard Tap

Tonight was our summer beer night at Standard.
The Gold Rush was probably on the darker side from selections they have had in previous weeks- but it was tasting good, so all was good.

Of all my meals at Standard Tap -I never ordered Caroline's Chicken Pot pie. I tend to get seafood when I'm there. But tonight was the night despite the seasonal swelter I needed comfort food. And I love anything involving puff pastry.

My friend John Doherty gets it all the time. It's tasty and it's a good value. It could probably even have fed all three of us - that is -if April Annie ate meat, and if The raging panda wasn't training for a triathlon and loving yogurt and hummus more than puff pastry.

Lance Romance joined us eventually. I kinda had my eyes on the chalked words "pineapple bread pudding" and I thought he might be up for sharing.

But Lance was thinking strawberry shortcake. That's what we went with and it was soooooooooooooooo good.
The shortcake part wasn't the lease bit stale and the homemade whip cream made me forget about my potential lactose intolerance for two bites. Just two bites you're thinking- that's right. just two bites.

I was in a state of sweet bliss when a gentleman came up to me to tell me how much he loved Sly Fox. And as one might imagine-I love hearing that kind of stuff...so I turn my attention to him, and turn my back on my strawberry shortcake. And on Lance. We talk about steam beer and the brewery. He tells me that we need to get our beer to California. I find this funny considering how much work we still have to do in our own backyard.

When I turn around in hope of having my 3rd, but not final bite. It's gone. There's a used napkin in the bowl. And a guiltless boyfriend sitting next to me.

Sure he got Jenny Hobbs a birthday present. Sure he showed up to have a beer with us, and sure he got me a ton of boxes for my big move to Bella Vista this week...but sharing is learned at a very young age...and it seems as though my fellow has unlearned it. In other news- he's brewed two beers at the new Iron Hill in Maple Shade this week. That's exciting.


  1. I love their pot pie! When is your next event? I want to try and make it out!