June 3, 2009

T R I A on a rainy tuesday afternoon

Yesterday afternoon brought me to Center City.
My li'l sis was biking around and asked me if we could meet up. I told her I was still hitting the streets- but hungry. She said she would meet up with me if she could spend less than $12.

I think it was a challenge because she knows I spend way too much on food and beverage.

One time she made me eat dinner with her for under $5 - for both of us. We ended up sharing a vegan pizza at Whole Foods and an oatmeal cookie pie.

An experiment if you will. A test in self -restraint. That's nice from time to time.

I talked her into a mid-afternoon nibble at TRIA on 18th st.
She thought of TRIA as a "special occasion" place. Just because we went there for my birthday a few years back. Just because it's where Lance romance and I had our first date....

I told her its an anytime bistro. And we could get a lite bite without breaking the bank.

And we did.
Sly Fox Phoenix Pale Ale is on the bench waiting for Sierra Nevada Harvest to pour out.
I was going to get a can of Pikeland Pilsner but Sean (shawn) suggested that it would be a "good company move" to get the Sierra so my beer could come on sooner.
I have zero problems drinking the Chico potable so that's what we did.

After several long minutes scanning the menu we finally agreed on the Crab and Chickpea stuffed piquillo peppers and a Three grilled cheese and tomato panini with fontina, grana padano and goat cheese.

I was totally satiated. Not too full. No longer hungry...and the grand total ? Exactly $12 between the two of us. plus $11 for the beers.

Not too bad. Actually quite good!

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