June 4, 2009

This day in beer and baseball

I came across a baseball nostalgia site and found this gem...

Can you imagine .10 cent beers at Citizen Bank Ballpark?

In June 4, 1974- the Cleavland Indians were one of the worst teams in baseball.
Attendance was way down.
They thought featuring the beers for .10 cents would be just the promotion they needed to draw a crowd.

8 oz beers were 10 cents a pop and you could order up to 6 at a time.

Fireworks were set off, a women flashed the field and tried to kiss the umpires, another man streaked the crowd. Fans rushed toward the field with chains, chairs and knives.

"The game was a forfeit (win given to the Rangers) and probably the most infamous incident of poor planning and fan behavior."

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