June 1, 2009

"Why women don't drink beer?" Times article.

I got an email last week from one of my Fairmount friends mentioning an article that brings attention to a new effort in England to get women to drink more beer.

They make mention of some "female friendly" beers that are hitting the UK in testing. Each sounds just awful.

This includes:

"the clear beer, developed by Coors as a first for the UK market and as yet un-named, never sees the light of day for the sake of all those street cleaners in town centres on Sunday mornings. Flavoured with “dragon fruit and green tea”, it looked like lemonade and tasted like a sickly alcopop. Equally gassy and difficult to drink was the “beer cocktail with crème de peche and cranberry juice”, and the Kasteel Cru Rose was a disappointing alternative to any middle-of-the-road rosé wine."

Then there are the women behind the initiative that founded "The Bittersweet Partnership."

They are surveying--=-conducting research, trying to dispel myths and get more females to reach for the draftlist. The largest concern they've discovered is regarding their waistlines. If you get a chance, take a looksie.

"The BitterSweet Partnership counters the weight claim with a number of studies, including “The relation between drinking pattern and body mass index and waist and hip circumference” (Tolstrup et al, 2005), which suggests that if you are drinking beer moderately every day you are less likely to suffer from obesity and will be slimmer than “someone whose consumption pattern is to only binge occasionally”.

The study shows that the risk of obesity is almost 30 per cent lower for those consuming over seven days per week as opposed to two to four days."

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  1. Hi, I’m Kristy from The BitterSweet Partnership, which is featured in the article you talk about. The products mentioned are just one of many things we’re looking at – we were set up to address the fact that the UK beer industry has traditionally ignored women, so we’re working on everything from changing stereotypical beer advertising, to glassware, to getting rid of women’s myths around beer (so spreading the word that it’s not more fattening than wine!) What we really want to discover is what it is women want from the beer industry, so it’s great to get your perspective.

    Our website is at www.bittersweetpartnership.com if you want to take a look – we’d love to know what you think.