June 10, 2009

yummy salad. yucky soundtrack.

I was in University City yesterday, and I thought I should check out the "new" White dog cafe.
I had totally forgot that two of my chums were fired and I probably shouldn't go in there.

But they are still doing the local thing, and doing it well. Scooter is still behind the bar.
The bar is still pouring O'Reilly's stout...(stoudts pils, Yards esa,walt whit, flying fish summer, etc)
So maybe they have a new host stand, and maybe I'm not crazy about the black and brown uniforms or the college soundtrack of Pink Floyd, and Jack Johnson...but I was totally crazy for this salad.
DiBruno Brothers Fresh Burrata Cheese
Ciabatta Bread, Roasted Garlic, Grilled Red Onions
Balsamic Marinated Cluster Tomatoes, Micro Basil Salad

I had never heard of Burrata cheese before. It's kind of like Mozz and it's kind of amazing.
I loved the grilled red onions. I loved the fresh heirloom tomatoes. The stout wasn't the best pairing,but I got over it. And I left just in time for Dave Matthews to come on. perfect.


  1. Yeah, that totally looks amazing. I would have to agree with you on the soundtrack. I love Floyd, but Jack and Dave have to go!

  2. suzy, burrata is amazing. Its moz stuffed with a cream. i've seen some in the market stuffed with black truffles as well. if you call ahead to claudio's they will make them for you. mmmm .....