June 1, 2009

Ze Zotten at ze Grey Lodge

This Wed. June 3rd Weyerbacher will be debuting its Zotten (flemish for Madman) at ze GreyLodge.

First 24 people in ze door will have a new glass for their collection.

7 pm.
As you can see on the label to the left- Zotten is a belgian-style pale ale. It was once their "Alpha" in their one-off series.
It is reborn and renamed, Zotten. And surprisingly it is only 6% abv-=-=-a bit of a shocker from the Easton big beer folks.

The draft is extremely limited. Also look for it at The Hulmeville, Belgian Cafe, Spinnerstown, Teresa's Next Door, Tap, Johnny Brenda's, Race St, Bridgids, Old Eagle and Ortino's.

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