July 8, 2009


Moving sucks. I have moved so many times. In 1997, after a fire, I moved 5 times in one year.
I was the queen of the sofa surf.

Now I want to be settled. I want peace, but I still want urbania.

I wanted a trolley free life, a life void of car break-ins and schizophrenic neighbors that shout about armageddon off of roof decks. No, I didn't ask a lot. So I got it.

I've moved to the Bella Vista hood, a mere three four blocks from Bella Vista beverage and A block away from the Royal Tavern and Dive.

You actually have to walk through a new courtyard to get to my house (or modern trinity). It's private and its perfect. Granted the ranging panda has to rage in a basement cage, but other than that, like I said, it's perfect.

Comcast is far from perfect. I am typing this at a local coffee shop because they came yesterday, were there for 20 min- said they would be back in 20 minutes and never came back.
I called comcast 4 times, and they said they couldn't contact their contractors out in the field.

More on getting nestled in the new neighborhood shortly.

Dont' forget to check out Christmas in July nights this week...July 10th and the Grey Lodge and at Bridgids.


  1. Welcome to the hood, Suzy.

  2. Welcome to the hood, Suzy.

  3. Glad you are getting settled. I know how important that is.

  4. When you have problems with Comcast, you honestly have to contact me *first* so I can help handle the situation for you. Just get me via DM on Twitter.