July 16, 2009

Bells Bells Bells: from Crabs to 'Cue.

There's a lot of love between Bell's Derek Zomonksi and New Holland's Joel Armato.

Maybe it's a Michigan thing. Bells is the largest brewery in the Wolverine state, New Holland is the second.

Regardless-=They're definitely having a bromance.

Last time I was around the two, Joel said to Derek: "There's nothing I don't love about you man."

So I thought they should share a post. Both have a few events lined up this week-= here goes

Tonight- let's say around 7
Derek will be at the p.o.p.e.
eating crabs and drinking Bells. Doesn't seem like a bad way to spend a Thursday night...

Then tomorrow
he'll move north to Center City and eat BBQ at Jose Pistolas.
There will be "A bunch of Bell's on tap, a firkin of 2 hearted ale, and we're cooking bbq with all of it. That's right, Chicken, Ribs, Pork, and craziness. Bring your drinkin caps and an empty stomach. starts in the afternoon and goes forever," says bar owner Casey Parker.

Then Saturday- the two are doing something at Teresa's Next Door.
I need to find out more details on that....

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  1. I went to the beer dinner last night at Rembrandt's. I'll write about it soon. But I'll likely head to JP's for that firkin. Maybe sometime in the afternoon.