July 21, 2009

Smokin Betty's: Of beer AND beer cocktails

I'm at heart- truly-madly-deeply- a beer gal. I've been known to not turn down whiskey. I may want a glass of Wassail around Christmas time, but 9 out of 10 times, I want a pint. This is especially true in a spot like the new Smokin Betty's-"her" draft line up pleases connoisseurs and novices alike,but as I just learned last Thursday, she's also concocting some pretty snazzy -yet affordable- cocktails, including BEER cocktails.

I know some purists aren't on board. But relax -they're fun, and they get some people to cross over to our side ;)

Meet "Curious Georgia"- only $3 during Happy hour. $4 otherwise.

Allagash White, Peach Schnapps, garnished with a fresh peach that's been soaking in a ginger infused simple syrup. Simply delicious.

Then there's the alter-ego of the dirty martini....WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?
It's so good, I wish my suzaru wasn't outside because I would have had 4 more.

Once again, simple-
Absolut citron with white grape juice. The cherry topper is the garnish which is white grapes stuffed with maraschino cherries to masquerade as the Mediterranean salty treat.

Word on the smoke street is the bbq is reasonably priced and darn tasty.
So go check 'er out at 11th and Sansom.
Then head a block over to Fergies and have a PINT.

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  1. Looks good. I'm trying to have a beer cocktail party. I think it's important.