July 3, 2009

Spanky and Leigh Strike again

Hello Resurrection Ale House -=-Goodbye Yello Bar.

I thought the yello bar had potential when they first opened.
I hosted a beer club there. They carried Sly Fox from time to time...but the place also looked like my aunt's dining room, and they hosted beer pong with green beer on St. Patrick's day.
Something about that package is unsettling.
It was located at Grays Ferry Ave and Catharine Street.

The workaholics will be ready for September.
You will want to drink here. You will want to eat here. They are going to be "equally focused on the dining side of things."

Once again, they've struck gold with a great neighborhood spot.
Fittingly, and fingers crossed they will have Brewer's Art "resurrection" on tap for the opening.

I had a lovely photo of the couple- but its taking too long to upload...perhaps I will edit later.

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  1. brewer's art resurrection--one of my all time favorites. have not seen it in philly in a couple years when north 3rd had it on tap. i look forward to its oossible return. saves me a trip down to baltimore.