August 21, 2009

ARoooooooooooooooooooooo to Kalamazoo (and back again)

I'll be headed out to Michigan in the middle of the night- Tuesday going into Wednesday. I'll be traversing the Wolverine state in search of all sorts of beers and bites. I have a pretty full itinerary as it is, but if anyone has suggestions- I'll take them. I haven't done something like this in years. Very exciting.

I'll be passing through Ann Arbor, Dexter, Marshall, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, New Holland, into Indiana for Three Floyds....ah so close to Chicago but time and tender does not allow.

I can't wait to go to Shorts in Bellaire, perhaps in the middle of nowhere but anyplace that once brewed a beer titled "mystery stout" is somewhere to me. I love mysteries and i LOVE stout.
That's a mere 40 minutes away from the Traverse City Beer and Music fest I'll be attending.

I'm gonna go to the Hopcat in Grand Rapids (voted #3 best beer bar by Beer Advocate in the States) and Founders will probably get sick of me by the time I leave. I am also going to check out a brewery called "The Hideout" which promises a sunny beer garden where I can play horseshoes,shuffleboard and "ladder golf." Whatever that may be.

I'm gonna see a beach at some point. (Thus the reason why Bell's has a "3rd coast ale" Michigan is known as the 3rd coast..)And If I have time to stop in the Manistee National Forest and canoe I'll do that. I mean I can't be saddled up to a bar the whole time I'm away.

Stay in tuned for some Blogging and twitter updates.


  1. We just made this trip about 2 weeks ago for the Great Taste of the Midwest.

    Plan to spend some time at Hopcat. Ask for the "chief beer geek" Steve. Bring him some local beers if you can. Steve is awesome and very hospitable.

    I'm assuming in Marshall you are going to Dark Horse? And in Holland you are going to New Holland? If you are going to Dexter to visit Jolly Pumpkin I hope you have a hookup as they only seem to open on Fridays.

    Also a little known brewer that has Jolly Pumpkin make their beers called called Leelanau that makes two bottled products that are great. I know you can pick them up at Siciliano's Market in Grand Rapids.

  2. Build your own mac and cheese at Hop Cat!

  3. Take good care of Jonny!

    PS He's going to try to pay for *everything*!

  4. I just returned back from Michigan last week. When in Ann Arbor you MUST go to a bar called Ashely's. They have an amazing beer selection. I found the bar back accident and fell in love wit it.