August 6, 2009

Clock watching at the Foodery just got a bit better...

This is obvious promotion for Sly Fox....but I was so excited about it, I thought I should share in case you don't make it to the 2nd street foodery anytime soon.

I've done numerous samplings at the Foodery over the last 3 years, and when I go to check the time, I had to look at an illuminated Coors Light Clock.

As a growing company, Sly doesn't have tons of POS, we do what we can with occasional coasters, and recently a few wooden signs.

But I thought how great would it be if I made them a clock on A website that customizes all sorts of crap. So I did. And despite it being numberless (hopefully jeff slick and staff don't care too much) It's pretty sweet and the ONLY one in the world-=-=

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