August 13, 2009

do not avoid the obovoid- tonight BOULDER at Prohibition Taproom

Tonight from 5 to 9 join Marvin Simpson of Boulder Brewing Co and sip on

Hazed and Infused on Nitro
bovoid oak aged "empirical" oatmeal stout
and Sweaty Betty.

From Beer Advocates descript:

What in the world is an obovoid?

Obovoid: An ovoid with the broad end toward the apex

And why an "empirical" stout?

Empirical: Relying on experience or observation alone often without due
regard for system and theory

Empirical evidence has shown the brewers at Boulder Beer Company that beer fans across the country are going to love Obovoid Empirical Stout, an oak-aged oatmeal stout as dark in color as deep space. Aging Obovoid on oak adds an earthy character to the roasted notes and bittersweet chocolate finish derived from the black and chocolate malts.

The Prohibition tap room is a swell place if you've never been- right at 13th and Buttonwood.
They've got great food. Try their french onion if its not too hot out.

And while you're in the hood- walk a few blocks north to the Institute, a cool beer bar, that just added their new menu featuring the cuisine of Puerto Rico.

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