August 27, 2009

A few things from Michigan

Jonny and Michelle are throwing a frisbee around the parking lot. We're about to head back into town briefly to go to Arbor Brewing co...maybe Grizzly peak.
= then we're westward bound on 94.
Headed to
and Founders

We'll put time in at the HopCat tonight as well.

We've got a list of beers that we want to find at a specialty store including the raspberry eisbock that we sampled last night at Roast.

We've already consumed a lot of calories and good times.
Hopefully I will have more time to recap later.

Things I've already learned-=

*I love Red Hot dogs stuffed with pulled pork topped with pickled onions

*I still don't love sweetbreads (I know, i know)
*My little sister could be a stand up comedian if this whole teaching thing doesn't work out (actually I already knew this)
*Itineraries are dumb

Here's Jonny trading a case of beer at Jolly Pumpkin.
We made two stops so far and he's already 2 cases down.
Here's Jonny with Ron @ Jolly Pumpkin
(more on this later)

sis and I outside beer/bbq joint Slow's

Red Hot Dog@ Roast (Michael Symons restaurant from Iron Chef fame)

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