August 14, 2009

Grey Lodge -13 years tomorrow. Bok Bok Beer @ 9 pm with Sly Fox.

Scoats is known for the zane- so you can only imagine that stretched over 13 hours of non-stop brewery events is going be insane.
Check out the day long line-up at foobooz.
Here's what us Sly Fox folks are up to @ 9 pm.

After back and forth convos with the Lodgemaster we've decided on this chicken/egg theme.

You're going to hear original music (recording of Brian O'Reilly from the 90s). You're going to taste my wing sauce which I have yet to master( a sly fox KELLER Pils and 9 wings for $9!!!)
and you're going to maybe be the recipient of a "golden" egg. We were hoping I could wear a chicken outfit. But its 11:49 the day before and I've yet to come up with anything. Email me if you think you can help.

***Remember to check the website for public transportation.
It's something like market frankford to the end of the line (frankford transportation station.)Then you hop on bus 66 to harbison and walk about 1/2 block. About 22 minutes said and done. Or 4 people could split a cab. (that's usually on the way home though;)

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  1. Yeah, the event is gonna be pretty sick! Can't wat to see all the crazy shit that is going to unfold before my eyes.