August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Lance!

For my birthday Lance Romance treated me to some New England sightseeing.

He surprised me with Portsmouth in the lantern twinklin twilight, and then off to Portland, Me. Where we went to the Great Lost Bear and toured Allagash with Mr. Tod himself.

Now it's his turn for treats and I'm coming up short. Shorter than usual...

I tried to get him a Carvel ice cream cakebut I didn't learn my lesson of the Royal Stumble that freezers and coolers don't have the same chilling effect... So I placed the cake in an iced cooler all day, and it was sweet soup by the time midnight rolled around. The beer can candles sunk into the once frozen cake. I guess "it was the thought that counts" ever cliche is ever applicable.

He's been working so much ( I told him I'm like an army wife) that I barely see him. So I can't make dinner reservations, or any plans because I have no idea when the tours and extra hours will stop.

I got him a card, but the beer cooler soaked it.

I did come up with the perfect present as my back was aching all weekend. I will get him a double air mattress.

Yeah, I know, Sorta selfish, but he needs one.
He'll also get a Vetri dindin as soon as the subaru stops falling apart.

The pic on the above right is his "pornstar" look he sported on Saturday at Ommegang. It was like a fake tye dye, fake wrinkly, black and white shirt. He unbuttoned it, revealed his chest hair, and let down his cornsilk locks to an approving circle of local beer industry peeps. But Harry Reams did call and he does want his shirt back.

Happy Birthday to my Maple Shade brewer .

Here's a little footage of one of his favorite artists.

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