August 20, 2009

Just Another Wednesday in the Beer World- but with Bacon Fudge

I'm up Early. It's like 5:43 am.

Here's a rundown of my wednesday afternoon

*Tried to contact Founders to tell them to get ready for my visit next week.
*Chatted with the guys from Dibruno Brothers about beer and cheese.
What cheese would YOU pair with an Octoberfest???
*Tried to reach the one and only Matt Guyer
*Got a funny email from Leigh Maida. Actually, they're always funny. (Come out to Sly Fox firkin night on the 25th at Local 44.)

*Ordered a new camera battery charger ( a casualty of Grey Lodges 13 anni party)
*Emailed with Mcgillins Old Ale house- and found out BEAMISH brewery closed.

*Met Megan Maguire at Swift Half where I got to try their bacon fudge (paired with anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout- just a swift half) (I think swift half will enter Philadelphia lexicon- that even if you aren't at the Swift Half you might ask for one)
*Left a Voicemail for the owner of up and coming bar "Coos" at Broad and Parrish.
Apparently it's huge. I will check it out today.
*Got confirmation from Heather at the Institute that her Abbey Extra will arrive today.
*talked to Doug Magee from the Blue Ox- Set up "SLYGANG" promo night for Sept. 18th.
*ran into Two Guys on Beer at the Foodery
*Ran into Origlio's Jimmy Meiers at the Foodery (SLY OKTOBERFEST is IN) while he was hanging a Great Lakes banner. There I got to sample some of the Pretty Things saison with cherries. Where oh where could the cherries be? There's subtle, then there's absent. But I definitely still look forward to trying the rest of their beers.
Every time I see a shiny black Saturn SUV- I look to see if its America's favorite beer salesman and it never is- this time it was. I was thrilled. I made him go to Standard Tap with me because I had to check in with 2008's best bartender, Ron Johnson.

Sly FOX pikeland pils was the "summer beer of the day" for $4. We threw one down, had dreams of happy hour oysters, and had said dream crushed with news of the shucked 86'd.
I came up with a great idea for a massive Standard Tap event in 2010. But I got to sell Will Reed on it. Maybe I'll call him today.

We headed south on 2nd st to the 700 club.
I know that Kurt Wonder is soon to tap the last keg of Placebo for the handpump (YARDS and Uncle Teddy's Bitter are on now.) I went to check the status of that. No placebo yet. And I should've had a can of Pikeland Pils but I went for the Bear Republic Racer 5. Hadn't had it in a while, and I love it so why not? Jim ordered the Great Lakes Dortmunder. I met his friend Michael who was drinking Dark and Stormy's. FYI Goslings is actually going to start making their own ginger beer as well....Michael was a good guy. He told me I had great hair. Funny.
He shared a lot of stories about Japan. I didn't know sushi started out as peasant food.

I also sipped on a Fullers Chiswick and toasted Spanky in my head. Next visit I'll do the can thing.

Then at 6:47 I got an email from Scoats who was enjoying a PW concert in Ritt Sq saying he would want a Rauchbier.

*I played phonetag with Jim Wiggins.

*Then off to beer club. Rembrandts. About 8 ladies came out for Ithaca night.
The Flower Power was delicious as always. And I was really enjoying the White Gold. Eric - their sales and marketing man- told me that they switched up the yeast strain and its taken on more of a sour note.

Rembrandts is also pouring Helles all the time now. As I've mentioned before, they've really shaped up the beer list's worth a revisit.

Lance romance entered stage left and surprised me right at the end of the meeting. So-=- he didn't really crash it. His facial hair continues to disturb. He admitted he needed a haircut, so we're getting somewhere (i think).

We went to Bridgids for one. They have the WGV Hop Project and Incubus on right now.
I've had my share of both, so I went for the Ballast Point smoked lager.
Which reminds me- Sly Fox just brewed our "gold medal" rauchbier (Once again the reason for Scoats email). I love this style.
And I love that it makes me crave the Royal Tavern burger. (bacon, gouda, longhots)
Hmmm.... I'm 6 hours away from lunch.

So that's my Wednesday.
Enjoy your Thursday. Maybe I'll see you @ the SIDECAR.


  1. Please your afternoon tweet got you got an email from me while I was in Ritthenhouse Sq.

  2. I'm exhausted, just having read that.