August 7, 2009

Tidbit: local respected brewer gets 86'd from local brewpub, and local respected sales manager gets 86'd from Delaware

At the General Lafayette promo- I got a funny tidbit that a local brewer* was kicked out of another local brewpub.

It wasn't necessarily his fault...One of his compadres is to blame. A young lady walked by in short shorts and he was inspired to start singing-=-=-

*The brewer has never been known to cause a ru(s)ckus prior to this incident.

Meanwhile, Mike Pearlman, Stoudts Regional Sales Manager, has been banned from the state of Delaware. Apparently a certain wholesaler doesn't agree with Pearlman's stance on giving away beer.

Go Mike.

"But I've got to go through Delaware to get to Maryland," Says the banished beer rep.

Stay tuned to see if he's allowed back in. I mean just look at how amicable he is. Who wouldn't want him in their state?

*Rumor has it Ommegang's Megan Maguire might also be banned from the first state.


  1. This is meant to be in jest. no brewer lost his job...he was merely drinking at a local pub and was asked to leave for the night-=-=because of the hecklin behavior if his drinking partners.

  2. the fact that you say "the brewer has never been known to cause a ruckas prior to this incident" indicates that it can't be any of the brewers i know!

  3. Sadly, I did not get banned from DE:( I did get a stern talking to about copying every person on the list when giving my reply supporting Mike (oops). No, they still want me because they need more @#$% FREE BEER. They spend more in 'samples' than they sell. Go Mike!! Fight the good fight!