August 10, 2009

Weekend Nibbles

Friday night we had the hop project night at Earth Bread + Brewery. Tom and Peggy had a packed house in the midst of summer in mount airy. A few people commented that they crystal was their favorite. They were doing flights. Then if you fancied one in particular you could just order a pint of that. Willamette was my full pint.

I left around 9 because I had my boys, the Felice brothers, were in town.

But unfort by the time I got to the electric factory... they had already been on stage (there were 4 bands playing that night).

The bummer of my summer. That and lance working 6-7 day weeks.

We figured we would get a bite to eat instead. Tried Brauhaus...packed-=- couldn't get a seat.
We walked into some questionable sushi place and they greeted us with menus and the "We're getting ready to close." Not exactly the service I was hoping for in my down in the dumps mood.

So we decided to go to the opposite end of the spectrum and get the best service in the city which is available at 4th and Bainbridge. I highly doubt Kip ever reads my blog, but I LOVE Southwark. Everything about it down to those 2 perfect orchids in the windows.
Lance and I got sweetbreads for the first time. We also ate some clams and a shrimp and crab ceviche.
Despite their impressive drinking slingly skills, we kept it to beer that night. Had a couple Allagashes. Unfort, The O'Reillys was off at the moment. Lancaster has a cream ale that Stockerton has gotten a few handles for.

I wish our pub ale was out. I understand why bars would want to switch it up for a bit in the summer. But the pot de creme was missing the O'Reilly's as much as I was.

We'd be back at Southwark two days later after brunch (baked eggs) at Standard Tap with Jennie Hatton, Johnny Goodtimes, and crew. We had a movie to go to. Lance had agreed to see Julia and julia with me. But champage cocktails were poured and the day got away. We never made it to the movie but Lance finally had a white wine he liked and a day off with his two of his favorite ladies.

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