September 7, 2009

9.9.09: Sly at the General and Dogfish at the Belgian Cafe

Sly Fox will be at General Lafayette for a Firkin night this Wednesday.
I'll be there. Come out if you can.

If you're in the city and don't feel like leaving the city but want to drink a bevy of delicious beer...
Dogfish Head is taking over the Belgian Cafe to kick off their 2nd Anniversary celebration.

Here's the lineup

60 Minute IPA

90 Minute IPA

Midas Touch

World Wide Stout Palo Santo Tanks Photo: Bathtub Brewery

Immort Ale

Palo Santo Marron

Red & White

Black & Blue

Raison d'Extra

... and maybe a couple stray bottles of Fort (okay that's more than 9 but who's counting??)

On Tap

Festina Peche

Punkin Ale

90 Minute IPA

Things will get started early in the early evening, and they

may do some special premieres and giveaways ... for 9 minutes at 9PM

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  1. Thanks Suz for featuring our photo of John down at DFH's Milton Brewery.

    Readers can go here to read more about our trip there last October.