September 18, 2009

As if I didn't love fruity pebbles enough: Varga cereal icecream sampler

There was a lot of controversy over Varga being on foobooz's top 50 bars list at such a high placement.

I've always had great time there... and without revealing my entire top 10- I will say that Varga placed as an honorable mention on my own
submitted list.

I wrote

" it's in mint condition. I like the feminine look to it...women might want to try beers they never heard of before. It softens the image of beer. They also do growlers to go..which has saved me on a night at 1:50 in the morning."

But the purpose of this Post- is to let everyone know about the delectable frozen treat Evan Turney is serving daily.

Cereal Ice Cream sampler. This is not merely cereal with a few stale crunchies and crumbles atop. This is cereal crushed down to a powder and emulsified into the ice cream.

We had fruity pebbles, honey comb and cookie crisp.

The ice creams rotate.
Im looking forward to apple jacks and golden grahams.
Ice cream should be proceeded by Ribs and cheesy grits.
The treadmill will be waiting for you tomorrow.

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