September 4, 2009

Because You Know I Love a Good Mystery

It was a year ago this Holiday weekend that I had one of my greatest achievements of the millennium. Here in Philadelphia at the MEMPHIS TAPROOM.

There was technically only one winner in Mystery Beer Weekend, the great palate of Homebrewer Jim Keavney, but I was an honorable mention, with 24 beers correctly identified out of 30 tapped.

I showed up late on that Friday to a tipsy Lance. He was all about it. I thought I love a good mystery, I can get into this. But then I devoted the rest of my weekend while people were slathered up in suntan lotion drinking cans of Pikeland Pils on the beach, I was surveying flights of beer and placing them in the proper category.

It was a challenge. There were some hybrid beers that could have fallen in a two diff categories.
Lance and I disagreed on a few things, but the outcome would prove better for one of us. Me.

So I just got back from Vacation, and its Mystery Beer Weekend time.
Commencing at 12 noon today.
and Lasting until 5 I think on Sunday.
the goals is to tap 11 different beers 3 times.
The best part???? Spanky has got a list of 33 beers NEVER poured at the memphis taproom.
What exactly is the BFM Mandragore? I guess I have to figure that out.

See you there.
Memphis and Cumberland

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