September 28, 2009

Done did Denver

Boy- am I tired. I was up to all hours trying to get caught up and was awoken bright and early by an appliance repair man...As Stephanie Tanner would say on Full House,"How rude!"

Then, I made a pot of coffee just to find out I had no milk. I took a stroll down to the Italian market where I ran in to the lovely Christine Carey and Fergies other little lady. Christine told me her name and its already escaping me. She's 2 and she's adorable. Her eyes smiled the most magical smile and my day seemed to pick up a bit.

Now I am trying to make sure that the Pourhouse has all our beer for our dinner on Thursday.
the schwarz has yet to arrived and we're trying to make sure we've got black razz bottles in the state of new jersey...The dinner looks great and I will post that separately. you can even take patco to the westmont station if you want to join
Wendy Domurat and myself on Haddon Ave. Thursday, Oct. 1.

I will be doing a recap of Denver asap. Read about all the medal winners on my twitter or here at the BeerYARD site.

Big, Hugh, sky high ups to Casey Huges of Flying Fish for taking home GOLD for the competitive Belgian American Cateogory. Here he is as gangster as he could ever be>>>>

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