September 15, 2009

He's like the Wind

Patrick Swayze, rest in peace. Thanks for the flicks.

When I think about Patrick Swayze- Roadhouse, Red Dawn, Dirty Dancing, Ghost, and Point Break come quickly to mind.

He didn't even make Dirty Dancing until he was 36.
I remember I had to wait till my mom went out to garage sales so I could watch it. I've probably watched it more than any other movie besides Better off Dead. My sisters and I use to try and do the "lift" that him and Jennifer Grey do at the end. To this day- whenever I embarrass myself- which is often- I quote the movie and say "I carried a watermelon...I carried a watermelon?"

For those that have never seen it- there's a stall tribute to him in the P.o.p.e. ladies bathroom. (im really not trying to be disrespectful here). I say you should toast his life and work in South Philly with some Voodoo beer tonight. There's a voodoo promo and brewer Matt Allyn will be there.

And here's the greatest bar fight of all time:

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