September 22, 2009

Lance Romance-= from Dancing to Denver

Lance Romance left me for a week. Every year he does Denver a bit early. Or I guess I should say colorado at large. He headed out with Jennie Hatton to the backwoods of Colorado. He told me he wouldn't talk to me till Tuesday.

Inclement weather sent them back to civilization just a bit early. This is a snapshot of their lodge across from a brewpub.

I think they're in Boulder but he be incommunicado so I am not quite sure.

I can tell you that he was quite excited to get away. He sent himself off right.

He had "beer club" and "Whiskey club" with Dave Garry of Good dog/ Swift Half enterprises and Casey Hughes of Flying Fish on Thursday while I was at a promo at the Coppermine Pub in North Arlington, NJ.

I arrive back home and Lance is feeling good after the evening of bromance in Northern Liberties. He insists on going to 1601. I usually wouldn't oppose but the fork has been thrusted into my chest...and I am done... But I can't say no to there we are illegally parking at 10th and Tasker so he can have a beer at 1:20 in the morning.

He insists on having the most fun possible.... continuously saying "I'm at "16S0fun"

He proceeds to dance to anything from the sounds to the police.

Suddenly he gets this crazy look in his eyes and starts dancing on his barstool.

I am 50% embarrassed and 50% entertained.

So I was thinking to myself " I should stop this- he's really overdoing it, but all the was the best thing I'd seen in a long time.

He has a few different moves. Maybe he's busting some out in Boulder right now!

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