September 3, 2009

Philly Beer Industry "Biggest Loser" comes to and end...and the "winner" is....

sort of.
Because Steve "big sexy red" Mashington of YARDS Brewing couldn't make the weigh in (or would be it be out?) tonight at Nodding Head.

A lot was on the line.
$225 and 9 bottles of great beer (the only catch was it couldn't be from your brewery).
Each contest struggling with weight gain due to the constant opportunity to drink weighed in on July 2.

Wendy Domurat of Dogfish Head and myself could have taken it more seriously. I know for a fact-on both July 3rd and July 4th Wendy ate cheesesteaks. The former vegetarian lost a pound though. Maybe she should keep up her visits to Jims.

But Tom Peters of Monks was rather committed. He was laying off the sauce all month (as he does every August). He was down 10 pounds within a week and a half.

I weighed in at exactly the same amount. But I see it as a good thing.
I went on vacation - eating and drinking my way across the Great Lakes state.
Tortilla Chips with blue cheese fondue, wings, red hots stuffed with pulled pork, scotch eggs, paella, t bones, spaetzle, pie, more pulled pork, etc...

The fact that I didn't gain any weight- must mean that I was down when I left...well- I'm just going to look at it that way.

We haven't received official word that Michael Fava, asst. brewer for Nodding Head, takes top honors because of Steve Mashington's no show.

But I saw the young Fava- He's down 16. And he looks gooooooooooooooooooood.
I like how he wore an extra baggy shirt so he would look even slimmer.

He rewarded himself with a monstrous sandwich from Nodding Head and Fried Macaroni and Cheese Balls.

His plan was simple- "support the local farmer's markets, eat better, bike more.
Don't stop eating out, but stop eating fries."

Congrats in advance Mike.

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  1. Fava wins. I only lost 7lbs. Still, I beat Suzy Woods and Wendy. Which is all I care about in these sorts of competitions.