September 24, 2009

Two things to consider today

Greetings from Denver.

If I were in Philly I would be doing one of two things today. Coincidentally- they both involve the bird.

thing #1

Visiting Mark from Bebe's bbq in the Italian Mkt.

His Bbq heaven is just north of Washington.

Surprisingly enough I have only had the chicken there, but you can be assured that the approaching "porktoberfest" will have photos of his slabs.

Bebe's gets a lot of well-deserved buzz. I just hope that people are listening to the reviews and headed there themselves.

You can even follow them on twitter-=-=
Thing #2
Meme LUNCH with David Katz's Fried Chicken
and biscuits
and BEER
Meme only does this on thursdays. check it out at 22nd and Spruce.
Meme is also having another HOMEBREW event in November. Details to come.

1 comment:

  1. Bebe's is my dream for legitimate bbq in town come true. They really do have the love there and, dare I say, claims to the best pork sandwich in town.