September 14, 2009

That's one big burger... first visit to Village Whiskey

Saturday afternoon was an ideal time to venture in to
Village Whiskey.

Lance had out of town company in. he was a bit upset with me for not telling him about the arrival of the new 20th and Sansom whiskery. He's like "I like whiskey and I like Jose Garces. You should have told me." If these are the things that put hiccups in our harmonious relationship, I guess we're doing okay- right?

VW- "a classic American Bar with whiskey and
bar snacks" had a lot of bites to start off with that
reminded me of my younger days.

Growing up in a family of was not just uncommon, but down right often, that we feasted on Mrs. Pauls fried clam strips and Ore Ida Tater Tots. It was easy. And I wasn't complaining.
VW had them Garces style presented with a variety of accompanying sauces.

Also deviled eggs, pickled beets and other pickled items were refreshingly nostalgic, bringing back memories of good ol' Harleysville.

They're now a contender for some of the best fries in the city- duck fat fries. But my full disclosure will reveal that they make their cheese sauce with Sly Fox Royal Weisse- so of course I'm going to think that they're the best.

My man took one look at his burger and picked up his flatware. Not so manly. But-it was monstrous. I ordered mine with smoked bacon, cheddar and carmelized onions. Med Rare. It was hard to handle, but whatever I could get in my mouth, was savored.We didn't do the fois gras burger...because truth be doesn't float my things I like to eat even though people protest it boat.

a 750 ML Saison Vos bottle was our beverage selection of the day.

They're also shaking and stirring up a bunch of pre-prohibition cocktails...but their beer list is definitely worth a looksie.


Lagunitas Czech Pils
Ommegang Hennepin
Founders Dirty Bastard (great burger beer)
Six Points Righteous Rye
Bear Republic Imperial Stout
HopDevil on the handpump



  1. Me & Brian were there Sunday. Loved it! Had the fires, he he the foie gras burger & I had kentucky fried quail. Plus a few cocktails...

  2. i can't WAIT to try the duck fat fries. and the cocktails. and the burger.