October 26, 2009

bloktoberfest-= gigantic success despite monsoon

Saturday was spectacular on the 20th block of Christian St despite the borderline non-stop sprinkle.

I was pouring Renard D'or ( Golden Fox) our Belgian strong golden and one of the last kegs of Oktoberfest in the city...
We were first to kick our beer which could be credited to being the first table in the tent- but I'd like to think it was the elusiveness of the Renard that had them comin' around.

All 14 beers kicked by 7:00.

Kudos to Jim Meiers and Dan Conway for sticking around a bit later and helping break down.
We were on our second beer at the Sidecar when the two drenched arrived. I felt so bad-I tried to make it up with some Makers Mark. That seemed to do the trick.

I'm not sure how much money was raised for the Shiloh Baptist church- Ill write and update when I find out. Good job to Adam Ritter and the Neighborhood association.
Here's some pics

Dan Conway gesturing with his Left HandCameron wearing Dan
Ladies of IPA beer club representing: April annie and Bronwen

Jimbo Wiggy with us Woods sisters

It was a nice surprise when my sis michelle showed up

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