October 2, 2009

CHARLIE's Pumpkin Patch @ institute tomorrow

The Institute-= where "beer is fun" will be pouring 10 pumpkin beers all day tomorrow....
including one from Roy Pitz.

Here's an idea...get the train into the city...get off at market east...head to the Midtown fall fest for a bit..then get a cab up to 12th and Green.

Easy Breezy. Autumn fun.

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  1. Tried messaging--we got skunked on the founders. Something about an expansion in to other markets and less allotment for this area. Dunno. Its no big. Yards we aren't sure about. We were told about something good but it might have also been allocated out elsewhere.
    That said we have a fantastic line up including the newly added Roy Pitz Ichabod Crane's midnight ride. The pumpkin menu is off the hook good.