October 13, 2009

CHESTER COUnTY BITTER FIRKIN for STANDARD TaPS Firkin Wednesday- tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Fall hit...and Standard Tap ressurected their Firkin Wednesdays.

This week it's Sly Fox's turn with the launch on our new Cask Beer, Chester County Bitter.

It's already poured/pouring at great watering holes like McMenamins, and Memphis Taproom....but this is the launch of it at the Tap, one of the first bars to ever carry a Sly Fox beer.
6 pm.
Brian O'Reilly and Tim Ohst will be there.
I'll be there I think John G- Sly Fox head honcho will even be there.
See you there.
We have changed the way we produce and Pour cask beer.
We're pretty pscyched.
I think you will be too.

Read tons more about our new beer HERE.

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