October 21, 2009

FWOToberfest this THuRSDAY 7 pm.

What might that be?

Hopefully you've heard of F.W.O.T. by now....Fingers, Wings and other things at 107 Ridge Rd. in Conshy. They make all their sauces in house and use fresh chicken.

From 7 till 9- They're going to pour 4 beers for $10 and give complimentary wing pairing.
Victory Golden Monkey will be paired with Bee Sting (think buffalo meets honey)
Sly Fox Dunkel with their teriyaki wings
Oktobefest Sam Adams- I believe) with Buffalo sauce
Dogfish 90 minute with Barbecue sauce

They will also have a variety of 1/2 sandwiches available for an additional $3.

I say you do double duty and hit the new
Stone Rose
a few minutes down the road afterward. 822 Fayette St. They've only been open a week or so, but the reviews have been pretty positive. I believe they have all craft beer on draft. Oddly, the name has nothing to do with the band that wanted to be adored.

Craig and Rob-= the guys behind the FWOT are really trying to get better beer drinkers to their wingdom. They've been focused on craft beer for months now- they have 8 varying ones on tap. They've been advertising in the beer mags...but they still haven't gotten the response -they had hoped for. Its changing slowly but they need your help! Come by on Thursday for a bit- drink some beer and eat some wings with me.

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