October 21, 2009

I had a moment

I was thinking about a bunch of different things to call this post.
But I'm gonna go with "I had a moment."
A friend of mine told me I just might have one.

Or maybe three of them @ the Spectrum on Monday night. I finally saw Bruce Springsteen.
Admittedly- I am not one that know all the words to all his songs. But I love him, and all his feel good music.

I haven't been to the spectrum since I saw Simon And Garnfunkal in 2004.You could feel their animosity from the other side of general admission.
This was the opposite.
Except for a couple in their early 60s in front of us. they sat down almost the whole night.
Who sits down when Born to Run is playing? Badlands?
I wish I could've said I stood the whole night- but Lance made me sit down at some point when it got dark and soft and many people sat down. He said it was an etiquette thing.

But I can tell you I smiled the whole night. And I'm still smiling now as I head to Freehold township to sell Sly Fox. I wonder if I would be more productive if I wore jeans and a leather vest????

At the end of the night-= we got a cab to Joses where we just missed the Phils win by 30 seconds. It was still exhilarating to walk into a bar full of fans after walking out of the spectrum. Back to back highs. Joe Gun was the first person I saw....then my friend Andrew and his cousin...then Gordon Grub the 3rd!

Joses is a great place to watch a game AND they do $3 Sly fox cans during all games....

Enjoy the day!


  1. suzanne: like the boss, i too am from freehold (as is steve from married with children, marcy darcy's husband before jefferson). if you get pulled over, say "mr. burlew said hello." it is the code phrase for police leniancy in freehold (mr. burlew was the police chief and happens to also be my best friend's father). results are not guaranteed. and yes, jeans and leather are still the rage in freehold.


  2. Wow, Suzy gave me a blog-nod! If the R2 ran later, I would've stayed and chatted...

    -Andrew's cousin