October 1, 2009

MidTOWN Village Fall Festival-=-=this SAT

This Saturday-October 3 from 12 till 8
midtown's streets will be filled with frolic and froth.

I remember when they first started this 4 years ago- while Ludwigs was still around they were calling it "around the world in 80 Yards"
I thought that was pretty clever...

A lil of ireland at Fergies, a little french flair coming off the curb by Vintage...then you had sumo wrestling and Sapporo at Raw and the teutonic street celebration in front of the faded Ludwigs.

Now its simply called Fall festival...but the same merriment takes place.

Make sure to hit up TIME or Fergies and have yourself a SLY FOX Oktoberfest.

Or head inside Mcgillins and try out our Pub Ale.

Maybe you'll see me and maybe I'll even buy you one.

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