October 1, 2009

More Denver

It was a nice surprise to see Scoats, Mrs. Scoats- just kidding Maureen, Steve Bell, His lady friend Melanie, and Marty out in Denver.

I'm used to running into Steve at the p.o.p.e not the floor of G.A.B.F.
And as much as I've always like Scoats- the fact that we now have the same phone, brings us closer together. Our "app" talk might even overshadow our ale talk. I know, poor. It's only 8:07 am.

Kudos to Wendy Domurat...who barely left her booth and That sam fellow the whole weekend.
Dogfish took home three medals...including a silver for Palo Santo, my personal favorite which I will consume tonight at our dogfishfox dinner at the Pourhouse in New Jersey.

Always a pleasure is a bar run in with Scotty Vacarro of Captain Lawrence. Such a down to earth guy for such out of this world beers.
Here he is with a buddy from his childhood at Falling Rock. Scott took home the Gold for the American Style Sour with his Rosso e marron.

Although I didn't get to run in to Brewer/Papa-to-be, Patrick Jones the entire time I was out there...I did spend some time with their Event coordinator, Jen Slavic and her Beau, Nate.
Triumph took home the GOLD for Cellared Beer with their Kinderpils. Cheers to Patrick and as always Jay.
The first night we arrived...we headed to Falling Rock of course, followed by an almost unsuccessful trip to that hippy sancho bar- where the only bands on the juke our phish, the dead and wide spread panic. We got there at 1:28 and they were already doing last call. No beers-- just whiskey. Which I found interesting. I was the most sober one of the bunch, so the whiskey was more of a challenge than usual. But I did it. We then headed for sliders across the street at the Good time Burger joint. there we would run into our favorite Hooligans from the Hamptons.
The Neihbur brothers. I think Spencer was on his third smoothie when this pic was taken....
It's Lance's favorite.

I think that just about wraps up photos from Denver. Maybe one more.
The best donut I ever had. This was at Rioja during a brunch in Denver...They were lemon curd.
and one more...Stewart's Ric Hoffman and Carol Stout during said brunch...I already knew this but Denver reconfirmed-=- Ric Hoffman is one funny motherfucker.


  1. This was the best food trip I've had in Denver, and I've been there nine times. We had brunch at Rioja too. It was awesome.

  2. Rioja is a must stop, no doubt about it. And a nice selection of, what else, riojas.