October 23, 2009

Oh Chan Ho. sigh, you're married?

A few of you may know I have a slight crush on Chan Ho Park. Victorino would be number two and there's not a 3rd. You can have Utley, and Jayson Werth has a tendency to look like a werewolf. And he spells his name lame.

I have a soft spot for Korean guys because my first love was Korean, Lee Rennels.
Lee had such an interesting way about him. Adopted by an American family when he was a small tot- he was handsome, "athletic" funny, witty, charming, and had a heart the size of Seoul.
He was the only Korean guy on the Souderton High Football team.

Chan Ho was the first Korean player in the major leagues. And- as you know-the only Korean guy that can grow a beard.

I don't know much about Chan Ho. I know he used to be a Dodger and I know he doesn't pitch that much. That kind of lends itself to the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" way of affection.

I didn't know he was married to a socialite/chef.
This is a bite of a downer on this Friday morning.
I have no chance. Good thing I've got that Lance guy around.
Back to work.


  1. Guess I'll have to start wearing a backwards baseball cap and biting bottle caps off with my teeth. Oh yeah, and grow more facial hair.

  2. You should definitely start growing more facial hair Lappy. Suzy told me she loves the weird facial hair stuff you do.