October 10, 2009

Porktoberfest Day 11: BAcoN on A SticK

Porktoberfest is going by fast. I might even be a little depressed after Day 16.
I've had a lot of good conversations, and recommendations throughout the last two weeks. This thing has legs!

I thought Brauhaus may have been my favorite...it was so simple and sooo divine. But you don't get more simple than bacon-on a stick.

It was the thickest cut I've ever had. Two Fat guys American Grill
(Hockessin, De) was selling them for $4 at the Kennet Beer Fest.

Typically a pound and a half of double thick apple wood bacon at Espositos in the market takes me for $4. But I knew if I was paying 4 Georges for one piece of bacon it was going to be a contender.

And it was. I think this warrants a trip down to their Delaware spot.
I wish I had known that Stone had their smoked porter around...that would have been a perfect pairing. I also heard positive rumblings about Spring House's (Conestoga, pa?) smoked porter.Too bad I didn't get to try it. I should have taken people up on the offer to pour beer when I solicited assistance on fbook. I had a few fest volunteers kind enough to help me out, but besides that I flew solo and hardly got to try anything else out there.I know Prism made their public debut. I heard great things about Rob's Red October.

What else?
I finally met Neil Harner of Philly Beer Scene.
I was half way through my bacon when he introduced himself.
He didn't seem at all surprised that when we finally interfaced after three months of corresponding via email-=-I would indeed have a stick of pork in my mouth.

Bacon on A Stick.....It was the best part of my day besides waking up (the day was overall stressful with heavy lifting, wetshoes, tricky firkin tap, etc..). I would like to say seeing Jack Curtin was a highlight-but he ended our conversation quickly.

I guess it was just a Denver fling after all.

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