October 13, 2009

Porktoberfest Day 13: Taylor Ham or Pork Roll?

If you live in North Jersey- you call it Taylor Ham...but you also think Stella Artois is drinking better beer.

In these parts its called Pork Roll. And I grew up on it. As many do- I pretend its pacman with that little sliver in it. Its one of the only things I still like ketchup on. As with many pork products brought up over the last two weeks, pork roll brings me immense joy.

This Pork roll sandwich was consumed at Zeke's Deli on 5th st.

Lance had a friend Ray in town (harpoon guy) and the brewer was craving some Taylor Ham as he calls it.

I first thought John's on Snyder...but the guy is closed on Saturday- which I find to be a bit lunatic...however he's John and he can do what he wants.

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