October 14, 2009

PorktoberFest Day 14: The "I Can't Believe it Took Me So Long to Get There But it Was Worth the Hype Edition"

Everytime I stop by Johnny Brenda's I think today is the day that I'm going to the much talked about sandwich shop, Paesano's.

I have a list of places I have yet to hit- it drives me crazy. I can't believe I haven't been to bibou yet. And although its been open merely a week, I feel like I should have thrown back a can of Pikeland Pilsner at MidAtlantic in University City by now.

I remember Bebe's barbecue was getting all sorts of press, and the only reason I made it there as soon as I did is because its like 75 feet from my house. I get busy...and chances are 9 out of 10 times I'm going to hit the newest bar before the newest sandwich shop, right. I sell beer not bread.

I was on my way to visit the Craft Beer Outlet in the Northeast yesterday when I was thinking about where I would have pork. I was leaning toward El Camino Real because they had just put the dunkel on. I was thinking pork in some mole sauce.

Maybe that will be today...because the time had come yesterday for me to try what's been the talk of our big town.

Unbreaded was there back in August and has a nice write up on them.

Although "the Paesano" was tempting- it's still porktoberfest- so I went with the Arista-
Suckling pig, sharp provolone, long hots and spinach. They're served on Liscio rolls ( a new jersey based company whose slogan is "It all starts with the bread" Their website even gives you the opportunity to share your bread story....do you have one? I don't. But it's nice anyway.
They even have a page on bread facts.

This post could also be known as the best sandwich edition or the suckling edition.
The suckling pig was so juicy. the roll was perfect, the long hots didn't overwhelm me, and despite not having any floss in the car, the spinach amazingly enough wasn't cradled in the teeth of my kisser. A way better way to spend $8 then to wait in line for one of two of the worst cheesesteaks in Philly.

Every once in a while I get cheesy (my friend Collin might think just every once in a while?)
I was on the floor at the Great American Beer Festival a few weeks ago, watching my peers and pals take the stage and claim their new jewelry. We all saw Pizza Port Carlsbad out of California take medal after medal. Many gold- as well as large brewpub of the year. The San Diego Union Tribune quoted the brewer, “I kind of prepared myself for the worst,” said Jeff Bagby,“I was prepared to come home with nothing.”

It got me thinking about the concept of excellence.

Of really being born to do something so naturally, or working so effin' hard at it, then it's as though you were anyway.

After that sandwich, the same feeling came back to me- that hit me at a 5,000 feet elevation.
Peter McAndrews and Nathan Baynes have created an excellent sandwich for Philadelphia.

I hope in the years to come that they will have established themselves as a place to go when visiting Philadelphia, I think their second location (just about 6 weeks out) at 9th and Christian is going to undoubtedly solidify that.

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