October 16, 2009

PorktoberFest Day 16: The Homemade Edition

This is it.
The culmination of 16 days of a swine-laden life.
Back in June when I moved to my swank Bella Vista abode- I offered to make lance romance dinner-=anything he wanted.
He chose porkloin, mashers, and green beans.

Could there be a more ideal way to end Porktoberfest other than me donning an apron and spending a couple hours in the kitchen? I think not.

I marinated the porkloin in rosemary, garlic, Salt, Pepper, and Dunkel Lager.
I threw some mustard powder into the smashed potatoes and tons of cheese.
Green beans--I did Julia Child style- boiling till tender than sauteeing them up with olive oil and garlic.

I was quite pleased. We shared a bottle of Malbec- which was good, but Dunkel lager or Saison would have made a great pairing as well.

I should go on a diet now...but I won't. Phils are gonna take it...and there's plenty of wings to be had.

Thanks for following Porktoberfest 2009.


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  1. hey america, suz wasn't messin' around on this. i stopped home and paused my raging long enough to get a whiff of this dish and it smelled deeeelicsh!