October 3, 2009

PorktoberFest Day 3: Pancetta on Greys Ferry

Pancetta is cured and spiced porkbelly that has been dried for about 3 months.

It always makes me happy but the cartwheels come when it's hanging out with crab and peas and house-made fettucini.

And back flips begin when I read a chalkboard option like Schlenkerla Helles, a smoked golden lager from Bamburg, Germany.

It was the perfect pairing at Ressurection Ale House on a rainy Monday night.
I was bummed I missed their opening the week prior because I was miles away in the mile high city.
I had events all week (up until Sunday) so I had to take my night off for sanity at Bridgids. I swung through Ressurection on the way home and Megan Maguire of Ommegang came to meet me.

Brendan Hartranft was behind the bar and was a gracious host.
We sampled about 5 different items on the menu. The Lamb kabobs were delicious. They were almost like lamb meatballs. All things skewered that course...we also had shrimp skewers that were slightly spicy. The twice fried chicken drizzled with honey is a must try.

Cantillon was on draft for $6 (probably gone by now)
O'Reilly's Stout Lagunitas Lucky 13, Yards Cape of Good Hope, and 8 others.

The hand pump is not up yet...but should be pouring plenty of Sly fox Chester County Bitter in the days to come.

The Bottle list is downright dreamy including a very reasonable price on one of my faves-
Petrus Aged pale ale
. $6.

This guy's not trying to get rich, he's trying to show people a a good time, introduce them to new beers, and open the door to a whole new world that they'll be thankful to be in.

The world plays everything from Nick Lowe to Morphine.
It's comfy with cafe windows that open up to a tree-lined Greys Ferry Avenue.
The staff includes seasoned servers and bartenders that you'll recognize from other reputable joints like the Cantina and Noble American Cookery.

Dessert is simple for now..some housemade biscotti with fresh cream and Figs.
It was simply the only thing I think I could eat after we shoved our faces with four courses prior.

They open for lunch every day at 12 and serve food for the next 12 hours.
They'll have specials from chef Joe Chmiko daily.

Hartranft and his design wizard of a wife, Leigh Maida, have potentially mastered the recipe for bar success in this city.

I think their goal is to electrify us with subtlety.
And the shock becomes addicting and you keep going back for more $6 Petrus and of course more of that Pancetta laden fettucini.

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  1. I wouldn't be too bummed you missed the opening. Went opening weekend with my roommate and she ordered the pancetta pasta dish you reviewed. To be honest it looked nothing like your picture and neither she nor myself have any desire to ever eat it again. The flavors were bland (an impressive feat considering the ingredients) and the entire dish was for lack of a better word...sad.
    Add to that the usual confusion of an opening weekend and the fact that the draught list is only on a chalkboard above the bar (meaning one of us had to squeeze between the tables...which although we are both quite thin was not an easy thing to do) made for a not to pleasant experience. I'm willing to accept that the server didn't know all of the options on tap but to not have any form of portable beer list, thereby forcing patrons to crowd around a bar or risk a nasty kink in their necks careening to read the list from the corners of the room is just unacceptable.