October 6, 2009

PorktoberFest Day 6: mmm Nachos.

As someone mentioned at Bridgids last night...Nachos are your quintessential bar snack.
There are some really good ones- Jose Pistolas, the Cantina...and some really bad ones-
I'm not going to mention any place in particular here...but you know the type of bar.
They serve up almost exclusively fried foods. The chips come out wearing burnt cold cheese...and Guacamole never crossed their mind. Bud pitchers are most likely $5 during games and your server is probably chewing some trident.

Moving on - the nachos at Bridgids are pretty good...largely due to the crumbled Chorizo.
Chef Andy Farrell throws a bit a secret ingredient into the chorizo-= one that makes it sweet yet savory. They're smothered in cheese and topped with a corn pico.

There are different types of Chorizo...Spanish chorizo is fermented smoked sausage that is often sliced. Mexican chorizo is commonly used as a substitute for ground beef...as is used in this snack scenario. Fun fact about my roommate- the Raging Panda-= she hates Chorizo. I love it.

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